State Sen. Torrey Westrom. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

There were two hearings last week on grain bin safety in State Senator Torrey Westrom’s agricultural committee at the State Capitol. Westrom told the KMRS Legislator’s Corner that legislators are looking at both increased education and financial aid for safety tools.

“It’s always difficult to find enough dollars to stretch and go around,” said Westrom. “So the educational part is very key because raising the profile at least brings it back to people’s minds and it’s a good discussion every farm should have, and families. When you hear and read about it more and more, it does raise the profile of how important the issue it.”

Westrom said he is carrying a bill to provide matching grants to provide safety kits to farms and make sure they get used. He said it’s important for farm families to talk to their children and families, as well as the hired help, about farm safety issues so we don’t see a repeat of the recent farm tragedies in the area.


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