Bill Kleindl (l), Troy Engebretson (c) and County Commissioner Ron Staples (r) spoke at the recent summit on waste management coordinated by the West Central Minnesota Climate Network. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

A discussion on waste management put on by the West Central Minnesota Climate Network attracted about 30 members of the public to the Morris City Council chambers at the Morris Senior Center last Friday. Speakers included Troy Engebretson of Engebretson Disposal, Stevens County Commissioner Ron Staples and Stevens County Environmental Services Director Bill Kleindl. Plastic garbage bags wreak havoc on the recycling processing machinery, which Engebretson said was their biggest pet peeve about dealing with recyclables.

“I would say, just contamination, as far as that extra tag you should buy for your garbage, not to throw it in there,” said Engebretson. “That’s the #1 complaint we get from where we haul it.”

“So, it’s a whole bag of garbage going in recycling,” added City Manager Blaine Hill.

Paper bags are recyclable, so putting other recyclables in a paper bag is the preferred method. The entire recycling industry has been seeing a decline as the market for recyclable products has dropped dramatically, including for cardboard boxes.


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