There’s at least one Morris resident disappointed that South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the presidential race just days before Super Tuesday. Joe Ferreiro spoke with KMRS before the South Carolina primary about what he liked about Buttigieg.

“He’s calm and he gets to the point,” said Ferreiro. “One of my biggest things looking at debates or Town Halls is when he’s asked a question he answers that question. Whereas so many other candidates have an agenda and their answers to every question are just based on the agenda that they need. So they beat around the bush on the actual answer but want to talk about their highlight, whether it’s health care or whatever it happens to be. I feel that when Pete is asked a question, he answers that question and tells you exactly where he stands.”

Ferreiro did say that Minnesota’s own senator, Amy Klobuchar, is also near the top of his list.

Update: Ferreiro told KMRS this morning that he spoke with the Buttigieg campaign before he made his official announcement. Buttigieg’s goal was to bring the party together, Ferreiro explained, and thought that if he dropped out of the race others would follow and make way for those who will win.


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