State Sen. Torrey Westrom (R-Elbow Lake). (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

District 12 State Senator Torrey Westrom of Elbow Lake told the KMRS Legislator’s Corner that he will be supporting an E-15 Bill that would allow for the blending of 15 percent ethanol in our fuel instead of the current standard of 10 percent. His ag committee heard testimony late last week from managers of the Denco II processing facility in Morris.

“It would certainly be a big help and a big rural development issue that would use more of our home-grown ethanol right here in Minnesota, processed from corn largely, and increase the demand and the market for farmers — being able to sell corn locally instead of having to pay freight to send it down the river or out to the coast to ship it elsewhere or to use it somewhere else in the country,” Westrom said.

Westrom claimed that all vehicles on the road would have no mechanical issues with going to an E-15 blend. All Legislator’s Corner interviews can be heard in their entirety at our website,, under the News tab in the Community Connection section.


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