Stevens County Attorney Aaron Jordan displayed some of the current technology he has to use in the courtroom, which he argued was cumbersome and outdated. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Stevens County Attorney Aaron Jordan made a pitch for improved courtroom technology before the Stevens County Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting on Tuesday. Jordan said the current equipment — used to show graphic, pictorial or video evidence — works OK, but it is overly large and clunky, and doesn’t meet image quality standards most people have become used to. He noted that Judge Charles Glasrud cringes when he wheels the large set-up into the courtroom — body language that he worries can be picked up by a jury.

“I don’t ever want to lost a trial because A) the jury picks up on the judge being annoyed with me or B) there’s a picture that doesn’t show up on the wall or moreso a video that’s hard to see,” Jordan said.

Jordan said he believes a jury acquitted a man of sexual assault a couple of years ago because the image quality of presented evidence was blurry. The Commissioners told Jordan to get some more quotes on the equipment, as the one presented to them seemed high. Commissioner Bob Kopitzke told KMRS that it’s an expensive project, but in the end some courtroom improvements will need to be made.


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