Guido Wallraven, Project Manager for the City of Saerbeck, Germany, holds up a German newspaper highlighting a story about Morris, Minnesota's green energy efforts to an audience gathered at Old #1 Southside in Morris in 2019. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Ten students and two chaperones from Morris Area High School are set to spend two weeks learning about sustainability and renewable energy this summer in Morris’ sister city of Saerbeck, Germany. Saerbeck Project Manager Guido Wallraven met with the students and their parents this week at the school as part of a two-week trip to Minnesota, and said on the KMRS Early Morning Show that the coronavirus may impact their much-anticipated plans.

“In Saerbeck, we will finally decide by April if it will take place this summer camp end of July, or if we switch it to next year,” said Wallraven.

Because the students chosen are juniors or younger, they will all still be eligible to attend next year if the program date is moved. The summer camp would have the students meet up with 10 students from Saerbeck and 10 others from Fukushima, Japan to work on a project in the German city’s energy park.


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