Stevens County Commissioner Bob Kopitzke.

At last Tuesday’s meeting of the Stevens County Board of Commissioners, there was some discussion with the county engineers about a project in the CSAH 1 Right of Way. Board Chair Commissioner Bob Kopitzke explained on the KMRS Community Connection.

“When we have to purchase Right-of-Ways, we have to have the land assessed. Some people didn’t think the assessment was correct,” said Kopitzke. “We took another look at it, reassessed it, changed a few small things, so then they accepted the price. Otherwise, we would have had to go through Eminent Domain, and nobody wants to go through that. Because we need the Right-of-Way to get the project done. If we would have had to use that Eminent Domain, it would have set the project back.”

Kopitzke said since an agreement was reached that satisfied all stakeholders, the project will move ahead on time.


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