With headlines about coronavirus in the news every day, officials at Horizon Public Health in Alexandria are advising people to be prepared but stay calm. Public Health Administrator Ann Stehn told the KMRS Community Connection that it’s essential for families and businesses to have a plan in place, and to take precautions like covering your cough.

“Stay home if you’re not feeling well. These types of illnesses are spread through droplets and when people are coughing or sneezing that can create droplets into the air,” Stehn explained. “And those land on surfaces and we touch the surfaces and then we touch…oftentimes our face is the most typical — your eyes, your nose, your mouth — those types of things. And that is how we’re infecting ourselves. So really…we just can’t emphasize enough good hand washing.”

Those habits would include applying friction to the hand washing process and washing for 20 seconds with soap and water.


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