Bev Larson (l) is Infection Preventionist and Suzie Eklund (r) is Quality Director for Stevens Community Medical Center. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

As Patient Safety Week concludes, Stevens Community Medical Center Quality Director Suzie Eklund told the KMRS Community Connection there are a number of things patients can do to improve their own safety in the health care arena. She recommended calling the clinic in advance to let them know your symptoms, asking questions during your appointment, and keeping a list with you of medications you take daily.

“We shouldn’t assume as health care providers, and patients shouldn’t assume that we know everything as your health care provider,” stressed Eklund. “So it would be really great if you carried a medication list that indicated the milligram tablets that you have at home of your medication as well.”

Eklund also said that bringing a family member to appointments can help you remember things discussed, as would taking notes during the appointment.


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