Stevens County Commissioner and Old No. 1 Owner Donny Wohlers.

The temporary regulations against dining in restaurants and bars is forcing local restaurateurs to change their business practices and lay off employees. Old Number 1 Bar and Grill owner Donny Wohlers told KMRS that he had to lay off 35 employees last night, many of whom had been with him for nearly two decades. For the short term, he’s going to run things as a take-out operation. In the long term, his outlook was bleak.

“Me and my manager are going to run a curbside service and we’re going to try and do our full menu To Go, and hopefully we get some customers that way,” said Wohlers. “And we’re going to try it for two weeks and see how it goes, and if we don’t get enough volume we’re going to end up having to shut down. As you know well, (with) shutting down…there might not be an opening up.”

Wohlers said his Southside operation was busy almost every night with functions and meetings, but he’s had three big events that he already purchased food for cancel this week, and he expected another two cancellations later this week. He calculated his loss in the thousands of dollars.


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