Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young.

The Stevens County Board of Commissioners implemented a series of emergency measures to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. The Board is cancelling all non-essential meetings and travel for County workers and encouraging them to use phones and email to minimize personal contacts. Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young told the KMRS Community Connection that the community can get through these trying times if everyone abides by the recommendations.

“This has been a real difficult time for all of us in the community as we move in to these uncharted waters and all this information’s flying,” said Young. “But I think if we can all do our part to help abide by those CDC guidelines, I think they’ll hopefully have some good effect on the community.”

The Board also required all employees who have returned from areas the CDC has targeted as high-risk to self-quarantine for 14 days. Workers will be paid for their time off, as plans may have been made well before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.


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