Morris Area High School Student Council President Nicole Gillespie. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

With an unscheduled two week break – and the rest of the school year in question – Morris Area High School senior and President of the school’s Student Council Nicole Gillespie told KMRS that many of her fellow students are anxious about the unknown.

“As a senior myself, it has been very hard because these are the last few months of your senior year where you’re supposed to have prom and all these other fun events,” said Gillespie. “And it’s your last months to be with the people in your grade. As well as the unknown of, if we’ll have prom or if it’ll be rescheduled along with graduation, because now these weeks that we won’t have E-learning, if we’ll still be able to graduate on time.”

If there is a bright side to the aggressive anti-coronavirus measures, Gillespie said the School District now has plans in place for future such incidents and social distancing practices have allowed many to learn new ways to reach out to others in ways they would not normally have thought about.


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