The measures to hold the coronavirus at bay are being implemented at the height of tax season. Sharon Miller is a tax preparer in Morris and she told KMRS that she has had to make numerous adjustments to her business.

“It’s putting the pressure on us, like everybody else. I moved my business home, no personal contacts,” said Miller. “People drop off papers. I go to my office and pick them up when nobody’s around. I take them home and work on them and we have to do everything by phone, and then I mail out the finished return and they have to sign some papers and return them back to me before I can e-file them.”

“A lot more time and more expense, because I’ve got the mailing expense,” Miller continued. “It’s big brown envelopes of all their tax papers.”

While taxpayers are encouraged to get their taxes finished by April 15, both the filing and paying deadline of federal taxes has been extended to July 15. Miller said this was a mixed blessing for her, as she would just as soon have a normal tax season, be done with it and move on.


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