Federated Telephone General Manager Kevin Beyer told KMRS that the internet and phone service provider has been taking a number of measures to deal with COVID-19, such as curbing walk-in traffic to their offices and maintaining safe social distances. But with the work they do, Beyer said they can’t help but put some of their workers at risk.

“We’re trying to avoid going in other people’s buildings, houses. But, unfortunately, some of this equipment needs to get inside the house in order for it to work properly,” said Beyer. “So we’re having to check with people to make sure they haven’t been tested for COVID-19. Because if they have been tested, that means they have the symptoms that would warrant a test, ’cause they’re rationing who gets a test.”

Some Federated workers are able to work from home, said Beyer. He also said Federated put up a new Wifi hot spot on the grounds of their Morris office for students who will need to do E-learning but have no internet access at home.


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