Dr. Jason Huikko of Stevens Community Medical Center. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At a media briefing Monday morning at the Stevens County Courthouse, Stevens and Big Stone County Emergency Management Director Dona Greiner said she plans to provide the community and its leaders with updates on the coronavirus situation on a regular basis.

“I’ll try to provide updates to the community and members of our leadership throughout the county at least a couple of times per week with updates,” said Greiner. “Things are happening very quickly. We’re working very closely with our local public health, Horizon Public Health director to make sure that we’re bringing resources in that are needed.”

Also at that meeting, Dr. Jason Huikko of Stevens Community Medical Center offered some guidelines for patients. The hospital has reduced the number of visitors and stopped elective surgeries. But some care has to continue, Huikko noted.

“Many of you may have questions on whether or not you should come into clinic for routine medical care and screenings,” said Huikko. “For instance, we do not want to have children falling behind on immunizations that would normally be received at well-child visits, or to stop screenings for cancers in our adult population. However, we do ask if you have any respiratory symptoms that you re-schedule these appointments if at all possible for when you are feeling well.”

Stevens County Board of Commissioners Chair Bob Kopitzke made a plea to give cash donations to the county food shelf as demand is expected to rise in the coming weeks. Most county offices are closed to the public but still being staffed, so Kopitzke said to call them if you have any business to conduct.

“If we’re gonna beat this, we have got to follow the guidelines,” urged Kopitzke.


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