The Morris City Council observed social distance practices at their meeting this week. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Morris City Council passed a series of COVID-19 guidance measures at their meeting last night. Future meetings of the Council will be held via the conferencing app Zoom. While the measures largely mirror those recently adopted by Stevens County, Council Member Kevin Wohlers had problems with the idea of City employees getting paid an extra two weeks of personal time when they come back from traveling, particularly if they make those travel plans now. He said it should be taken as sick leave, and not be part of their regular salary. It amounts to an extra two weeks of vacation while they go into quarantine, he argued.

“I guess I think people need to be a little more responsible in that,” said Wohlers. “If you’re going to travel, and you know that you’re going to an area where there’s potential that you could get exposed to people, why is the taxpayer going to have to pay those people?”

City Manager Blaine Hill responded that the City cannot order people to stay at home without pay while denying them the right to come to the workplace. The contract with City employees requires that they get paid, he said.

It was also announced that a police officer and the City Attorney are both under quarantine after returning from travels to Florida. An additional worker in Public Works is also under quarantine since returning from travels.


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