State Rep. Jeff Backer of Browns Valley. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

State Representative Jeff Backer of Browns Valley told the KMRS Legialator’s Corner program that there may at least be one bright side to all the anti-virus measures going on statewide.

“The good news is these same precautions are great at keeping away flu, colds, and influenza. ‘Cause in essence, the coronavirus is an intermediate influenza. That’s what it is,” said Backer. “So these precautions are allowing reductions of flus and colds that we see this time of year coming out of the winter going into the spring because of the normal changes in temperature.”

Backer spoke to KMRS from his home instead of the State Capitol as legislators were sent home for an extended recess. Lawmakers returned to St. Paul today to vote on a financial package to stem the effects of the coronavirus.


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