Morris Area Elementary School teacher Kyle Berget.

Distance Learning started in schools statewide yesterday, allowing students to continue their studies at home. Morris Area Elementary School 3rd Grade teacher Kyle Berget told KMRS that his first day went pretty well, despite a few hiccups.

“With the internet being kind of overloaded, we had about a 15-minute down time on our platform we’re using — it’s called See-Saw for K-3rd,” said Berget. “But they fixed it and we’re up and going and everything seems to be going pretty good.”

Berget said Distance Learning allows more face-to-face screen interaction with students than E-Learning and more actual teaching is involved. Students check in for daily attendance and submit homework via a Google Form which gets sent to him for grading. Berget is retiring at the end of this year after three decades of teaching and said this was “one heck of a way” to end his teaching career.

Berget also explained how the electronic teaching method works:

“Every day we have a lesson plan for each of our subjects, and they do that, follow the lesson plan. And then, when they have to do homework, besides videos (because we’re doing introduction to, like, in math, fractions and stuff), so we do the videos. And then when they have homework we do a Google Form and they fill that out and it comes right back to us, and we grade it. So it’s working out just how we had planned. A few glitches here and there, but I think it’s going pretty well.”



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