Dona Greiner is the Emergency Mnagement Director for Stevens and Big Stone Counties. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

In her now-weekly update to the Stevens County Board of Commissioners yesterday, Stevens County Emergency Management Director Dona Greiner said the county has looked at being a part of the group that is establishing a COVID-19 care center in the former Appleton correctional facility. But the federal government is asking them to look for something geographically closer.

“What we’ve been tasked with is to look at — and this is coming down from Homeland Security — tasked with looking at locations that could be available,” said Greiner. “So our county is looking at different options at this time and of course (Appleton) may be an option down the road. But we’re looking at something within Stevens County, and also our hospitals in our west central region are working together to coordinate that at this time.”

Greiner said Appleton is in a different health region, the southwest-south region, while Stevens County is placed in the west central region. But she noted that plans are changing on a daily basis, and the Appleton facility could still be a possibility for them down the road.

Also at the County meeting, the Commissioners approved a resolution in response to the State of Minnesota’s Emergency Executive Order. The resolution requires those employees who can work from home do so, that the Utilization of Paid Leave during a Public Health Emergency provision be implemented, and emergency paid sick leave and family medical leave rights will be expanded as recognized by the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act.


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