With anxiety levels rising in the general population along with COVID-19 cases, psychologist Dr. Craig Sawchuk with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester told KMRS that a number of things can be done for stress management during these times.

“As best as you can, maintain a really normal daily schedule,” said Sawchuk. “Now, our routines have been completely blown out of the water and we kind of lost sight of just how therapeutic normal daily routines are. So, the real basics here of waking up at the same time every day, showering, getting dressed, kind of regular meals during the day, going to bed at the same time during the day, trying to stay productive during the day as well, too. So it may require some creativity, but that’s number one. Just try to rebuild a new normal, but keep a routine going.”

Physical and mental activities are also good to relieve stress, such as exercise, relaxation training or taking on a new project. Sawchuk also recommends staying connected with friends and family. Using technology is great for that, but Sawchuk cautioned to limit the amount of time on social media and in front of screens, as this can increase stress levels.


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