State Sen. Torrey Westrom. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

With the U.S. Congress passing a historic $2 trillion rescue package to deal with COVID-19, the KMRS Legislator’s Corner asked State Senator Torrey Westrom why it was still necessary for the state legislature to pass a bill last week authorizing another $300 million to deal with the pandemic.

“Our language is set up to not replace or not be used instead of the federal money, but to supplement if there’s areas that are not covered or seem insufficient or inadequate to keep things,” said Westrom. “That’s why the $200 million is sitting in this new emergency account that we set uup and it will revert back to the state if it’s not used before this peacetime emergency is over.”

Westrom added that the language in the bill guided that money from the federal government be used first and the state funds would be used as supplemental or fill-in-the-gap aid.


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