Morris School Board Member Mike Odello. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

For the second time in three years, the Morris School District is choosing not to renew the contract of a music teacher before her tenure eligibility. The termination of the contract of Erica Ronsberg, who has headed up the 7th and 8th grade girls’ choirs the last two years, raised concern by School Board member Mike Odello, a fellow musician. Odello asked at last week’s School Board meeting if early interventions can be implemented to give the teachers a chance to improve.

“Is there something that we need to change in the interview process?” Odello asked. “Is there something we’re missing? Questions that we need to ask differently? We’ve just gone through the last two hires in that position, not renewing them before they’ve finished their tenure. What are we missing early on, I guess, what questions do we need to ask differently or explore? Is there something we can do to support them more?”

Personnel matters are not discussed at public meetings, but Superintendent Troy Ferguson said a committee would discuss at a later date whether practices need to change to offer more support and guidance to new teachers. Ferguson was confident the position could be filled. Odello’s was the sole vote opposing the non-renewal of the contract.


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