Many victims of the COVID-19 virus across the nation have been senior citizens living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Which is why Paula Henrickson, administrator for Morris Health Services – which operates West Wind Village and Skyview Court and Plaza in Morris, as well as Walnut Court in Hancock – told the KMRS Community Connection that they are focused on one main thing:

“Our goal is to try as hard as we can to keep COVID-19 out of our building,” said Henrickson. “Our population is very susceptible to this infection and they can get very, very sick. So, that’s always our goal, is to keep it out of our buildings if we can. Right now, we don’t have any in our county, which is awesome, but you know, it can be here we just don’t know it. So we’re taking all kinds of precautions to keep it out of our buildings.”

Staff at the facilities are now wearing masks and being screened daily for symptoms before they begin their shifts. There is increased hand hygiene in the facilities, Henrickson added, and staff are told to go home if they start showing any symptoms of the virus. Henrickson said the most difficult measure they have had to implement is limiting visitors, except for end-of-life situations, and even then visitors have to go through restrictions.


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