Stone's Throw Cafe owners Gary Wahl and Anne Barber. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

In the midst of dealing with their own pandemic-induced downturn in business, Stone’s Throw Cafe co-owner Anne Barber told the KMRS Community Connection that her husband and co-owner Gary Wahl is making meals for needy kids.

“He is still and will continue to offer free lunches to children in need,” said Barber. “So if you have a family, if you know a family or are part of a family that the kids need a meal, you can call and Gary will provide that. And he’s got a few kids that have used that service, but not as many as I would expect. Which may be a good thing, but I also worry that maybe people don’t know, too, that that’s an option.”

While Stone’s Throw Cafe has suspended their Sunday brunch, they are still offering curbside and delivery service Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Follow this link to their website:


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