Morris Health Services Administrator Paula Henrickson told the KMRS Community Connection that it has been really difficult to impose the “No Visitors” rule at the West Wind Village nursing home. But she said the daycare that is separated but attached to the facility has sent a regular stream of children to send greetings to keep spirits of residents up.

“We have a daycare attached, which is not allowed through the rest of the building, and it is divided off,” said Henrickson. “But those kids will go around about three times a week and knock on the residents’ windows and wave. I think yesterday they were painting watercolors on their windows to kind of brighten up their day. We have a dog who comes in, actually my dog, who comes in a few times a week to visit the residents.”

Friends and family are still able to call or use FaceTime to stay connected with residents, and many have mailed letters or dropped things off at the facility to brighten the days. Henrickson acknowledged, however, that the longer the restriction goes, the harder it will be for their residents.


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