Blog no. 2, let me start by saying I fully realize I will leave out about a 1,000 great calls in this blog……but the point of this blog is not the GREATEST calls, but the ones that leave a mark on YOU. So without further adieu, here are the calls that have always stuck in my mind….and yes a few are from before my “time”, but they still resonate with me.

10. Holy Buckeye
Brent Musburger has been the broadcaster for a lot of big time plays. To me, Musburger’s voice resonates most with college football. I for whatever reason loved the 2002 Ohio St. Buckeyes football team. Tough defense, good running game, just wanted to see a throwback team like that win the title against the speedy Miami Hurricanes. They eventually did just that in a classic national championship. BUT, before they got to the title game, they needed some late season heroics from their low-key QB Craig Krenzel. I was on cloud nine with this play, and a call I’ll never forget. Listen HERE

9. Bonds hits no. 756
I am a big critic of Barry Bonds and the steroids controversy that surrounds his career. Legitimate or not, Bonds was the most feared hitter I have ever witnessed for any period in baseball. The San Francisco Giants play-by-play man was Mike Krukow, who for most my age know his voice from the MVP Baseball video games. You didn’t have to see Bonds record breaking home run to know that he absolutely tagged that ball, just by the way it sounded, and we had new *Home Run king. Listen HERE

8. Fly Away!
Kevin Calabro with just pure emotion….raw excitement, “Fy away” makes no sense to me but nonetheless is one of the most fantastic reactions to a guy who just watched his team prevail….Listen HERE

7. BANG!
A call I previously highlighted on my first blog. Mike Breen just totally engulfs the feeling 0f Steph Curry drilling a three from a spot that nobody should be shooting from. Listen HERE

6. Oh My Heavens!
Pure excitement here…yes I’m biased as a Vikings fan, but this is truly a play of total elation… final play….Favre…Greg Lewis…welcome to Minnesota…..Listen HERE

5. If it stays fair…..
It’s been called ‘Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played’,….it took me years to realize it was Dick Stockton on the call with this classic. This is truly one of my most favorite stories, Dick Stockston’s gravelly voice absolutely nailed it…Listen to the call HERE

4. Shot Heard ‘Round the World
A call way before my time, but any baseball fan has heard this one. You don’t need a personal connection to get excited about this one. This call was recently inducted into the National Registry as a piece of American history. This call is the definition of goosebumps. Listen HERE

3. Miracle on Ice
Al Michaels is on the Mount Rushmore of sports broadcasters. Of all the iconic games and moments he has been at the mic for, none come close to his call of the 1980 Olympics when the U.S. pulled the greatest upset in sports history defeating the Soviets. A call so legendary, they used it as the title for a movie….and is referenced anytime a big upset happens in any sport. ‘Do you believe in miracles’ is no doubt the part everyone remembers. But the way Michaels countdown the clock leading up to it is what sets the tone, building the excitement. Listen to it HERE

2. Aaaand we’ll see ya….tomorrow night!
As a Minnesota sports fan, it would be a sin to not include this one. The 1991 World Series was full of classic moments, in fact you could probably make a top ten list that series alone. But Jack Buck’s call of Kirby Puckett’s walk-off in game six stands above the rest…Listen HERE

1. Minneapolis Miracle
Pick your poison on this one. Perhaps the single greatest moment in Vikings history, a play so memorable there were TWO great calls. As a Vikings fan, how do you not say Paul Allen’s call was the best…..but, although Joe Buck takes more criticism than any broadcaster in history, he nailed this one with four words…Diggs, sideline, touchdown, unbelievable. HERE

Here’s PA’s call…HERE

Honorable Mentions

Anything by Doc Emerick
For my money, Doc Emerick is the best play-by-play man in sports. He can make a regular season first period goal feel like that team just won the Stanley Cup. Again, being a Minnesota fan, here is my personal favorite from 2013 when the Wild beat the Blackhawks in overtime of a first round series. HERE

Anything by Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson is theee voice of NCAA March Madness. He, like Doc Emerick can turn a run-of-the-mill play into a ‘where were you’ moment just by his pure excitement. He always reminded me of a guy you’re at the bar with, just screaming at the TV, but in a more controlled and focused manner. Go to youtube and watch the best of Gus Johnson, it’s pure gold. I think my personal favorite…is HERE

Anything by Kevin Harlan
I first heard Harlan when he was the Timberwolves play-by-play man. He has since become arguably the best in the game. Doesn’t take long to hear why…..HERE

We’ve seen a million buzzer-beaters in basketball, but in the 2014 men’s hockey Frozen Four, the Golden Gophers absolutely stun UND with a goal at the horn. ESPN’s John Buccigross hits that high note as the Gophers bench floods the ice: Listen HERE

Sean McDonough
Another broadcaster who has many many great calls. This is the one that comes to mind for me….HERE

Vin Scully
Vin could broadcast the puppy bowl and make it memorable for his concise, informative style. His most famous calls? Kirk Gibson’s home run in ‘88 or Bill Buckner’s error in ‘86?

Al Michaels
This one literally made me laugh out loud….Cody Parkey had hit the upright on field goals four times already that year…which is insane. Then their season ended on another one. Michaels call of “thats impossible!” is exactly what everyone was thinking. HERE


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