Colorado-based Voyageurs International, organizers of Music Ambassadors trips to Europe, recently sent a letter to participants and their parents that they would be canceling all of their programs this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes the Minnesota Music Ambassadors trip, which was slated to leave in July with 350 musicians and vocalists from around the state, plus adult chaperones and another 40 staff members. Among those slated to go on this year’s trip was Morris Area High School student Claire Reed. Her mother Selena Reed told KMRS:

“It was a huge disappointment. My daughter was very much looking forward to the trip and had worked very hard to save some money and all of that,” said Reed. “So, when we found out that it had been cancelled, it was quite heartbreaking because I know how much she was looking forward to it.”

A number of parents nationwide have complained that Voyageurs said they will keep $1,900 from each student in accordance with their cancellation contract. Some parents have even threatened legal action against the company, but Reed said their family is taking a wait-and-see attitude.

“I really haven’t pursued it a whole lot,” said Reed. “I know there are people in other states, certainly, that have filed notices with the Better Business Bureau or their attorney general’s office. We have done nothing with it at this point. I guess we’re just, this is the way life goes sometimes and while it’s very disappointing, I don’t know how much energy I have to put into a fight for it. So, we aren’t doing anything at this point.”

Voyageurs responded to a KARE-TV report on the issue that it has lost more than $1,900 on each student registered for the trip because of all the different activities that had to be cancelled.


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