Joe Ferreiro is Principal of St. Mary's Catholic School in Morris, director of Plays in Morris and owner of You Pet'Cha pet store on Atlantic Avenue. (Photo: Julia Hoffman)

St. Mary’s Catholic School Principal Joe Ferreiro told the KMRS Community Connection that despite a few hiccups, distance learning is going better than anticipated. He said they have been blessed that all of their Grades 1 through 6 students have Chromebooks, something he knows not every school district in the country has. Still, distance learning has its challenges, and Ferreiro said the biggest one for St. Mary’s:

“It’s trying to continue that high quality level of learning that we do in the classroom at home,” said Ferreiro. “So it’s, how do we keep that level of quality that we expect and we fulfill every day in the school when the students are home and not with us. So that’s been very difficult.”

They have found ways around some of the challenges, he said, by recording themselves teaching, and using new technologies that allow drawing on home screens, and the like.


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