Face masks made by Cheryl Miller of Hancock. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Cheryl Miller of Hancock has been sewing since she was in high school. So when her friend Pat Swenson, who manages some assisted living facilities, showed her a pattern for homemade protective masks that are in short supply at the facilities, Miller got to work. Word spread and she was soon making masks for the ambulance service, two hospitals in Nevada where her daughter works, and other interested individuals.

“I’m retired and this is just a hobby of mine and it just keeps me going during the day and hoping I can help wherever I can,” said Miller.

Miller said her masks are pretty easy for her to make, taking about 20 minutes to make each one. Hers are 6”x9” with a 7” elastic, an item in short supply these days. Miller said she can make about 20 to 25 masks in a day when she gets ahold of some elastic. And she does not collect any money for her masks.

“I’ve had a lot of my elastic donated. I’ve had a lot of my fabric donated to me,” Miller added. “And all I have really put into it is a lot of thread and just my time, which I have a lot of right now.”

Those interested in donating supplies to Miller’s efforts may call her at her home, 320-392-5968.


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