Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young.

There are many websites and video tutorials online for those wishing to make protective masks for themselves or others in the community. Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young told the KMRS Community Connection that there is some guidance for mask requirements on County’s website, but she said there is more complete information on both the Centers for Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health websites.

“There’s certain agencies in the area that will take homemade masks,” said Young. “There’s people that have a little bit of time on their hands and wish to serve the public and have the materials. But we encourage you to just call the provider first, see if they’re accepting those. And so that’s something else people could do if they have some extra time and want to contribute to their community as well.”

The Stevens County Sheriff’s Office and the Morris Police Department will be collecting supplies such as protective masks, surgical gloves and hand sanitizer for healthcare and daycare workers and other essential service providers.  Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 320-208-6500 to arrange a time to drop off any donations.


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