Joe Ferreiro is Principal of St. Mary's Catholic School in Morris, director of Plays in Morris and owner of You Pet'Cha pet store on Atlantic Avenue. (Photo: Julia Hoffman)

While stay-at-home orders suspended rehearsals for the Plays in Morris production of Mamma Mia, Artistic Director Joe Ferreiro said the cast had already learned the first act, and could learn the second act in short order if given the green light to do so. In the meantime, Ferreiro told the KMRS Community Connection that he is working on a virtual musical with a composer he has worked with before, a woman who wrote music for a Princess Diana musical a few years back.

“She and I are trying to write a show that we can actually do virtually, (where) the cast members of Mamma Mia would be able to record themselves speaking out a scene or singing a song and when you splice it all together it becomes a full musical,” said Ferreiro. “And so that’s kind of something we’re working on, too. Just, I think, the community needs it and I think for us as creative people who have been trying our best to put together this show on to be on stage. Now we can, in some way, be on stage and entertain our communities.”

Ferreiro said he had already laid out substantial money for the rights to produce Mamma Mia, so has had to apply for small loans from the Small Business Administration to keep his non-profit from folding.


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