While 51.5 percent of Stevens County have self-reported numbers for the U.S. Census, Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young told the KMRS Community Connection that there are still some pockets of the county that are lagging.

“The ones that are responding at a lower rate than what the rest of the county is pretty much everything west of Morris, and then in the northeast corner. So east of 59 and north of 28 there,” said Young. “Those are kind of the townships that have been really low self-reporting, more in the 14 to 20 percent range. Those folks really need to get online and get their numbers counted.”

Young recalled that during the last Census in 2010, Minnesota was close to losing a Congressional seat. She also said residents do not need a registration ID to proceed with the Census. They can go to 2020Census.gov and manually type in their home address to get counted.


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