Karen Berget of American Eagle Realty.

One good activity to do while sheltering in place is to do some spring cleaning of your shelter. Karen Berget of American Eagle Realty told the KMRS Ask the Experts program that anyone putting their home on the market should be cleaning anyway. She recommended getting the dust and bugs out of light fixtures and lamps to brighten things up, and to gently vacuum lampshades. And, for these virus times, focus on…

“…Doorknobs, doors and handles. Now with the virus that we’re dealing with, these are really things that you should be doing almost constantly, either using Lysol wipes or a bleach/water combination or even a peroxide combination of water and peroxide,” said Berget. “Wiping down the doors, where somebody might grab the door, the handles, the door knobs. But it does make a difference when those things are clean. I would also add the light switch plate covers on this one.”

Other cleaning tips Berget offered include dusting the tops of windows and door frames, vacuuming upholstered furniture and under area rugs, and getting everything out of your bookshelves to clean the shelf and its contents.


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