Emergency Manager Dona Greiner speaking before the Stevens County Board of Commissioners. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Stevens and Big Stone County Emergency Management Director Dona Greiner gave her weekly update to the Stevens County Board of Commissioners Tuesday morning. She said she continues to request materials to help frontline workers deal with the new coronavirus, but supplies have not been coming for a while.

“We continue to request PPE, which is Personal Protective Equipment, from the State and distribute that as supplies come in,” said Greiner. “We have not seen supplies come in from the State for probably two weeks at least now. So, we’re trying to keep track of that, and I do keep requesting. Even though we know that it’s probably not available at this time.”

The local law enforcement agencies are currently running a collection drive for needed supplies likeĀ  hand sanitizer, protective masks and gowns. Greiner said that Stevens County did receive a hand sanitizer donation from a business in Swift County, as well as a 55 gallon barrel of surface cleaning product from Pope County. In addition, as this is Severe Weather Awareness Week, she noted that a tornado drill will be held on Thursday, with sirens going off at two different times during the day.


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