Dr. Jason Huikko of Stevens Community Medical Center. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

While CDC guidelines continue to recommend postponing routine medical care, Dr. Jason Huikko of Stevens Community Medical Center told the KMRS Community Connection that the Morris health care facility will be making some changes to see more patients.

“One change we are making over these next three weeks is we are going to start seeing our Well Child visits to keep their immunizations up to date so we don’t push some of these visits out more than a month and get the children behind on needed vaccinations,” said Huikko.

Huikko also said that SCMC opened a section of the clinic area that has been re-designed to do respiratory symptom evaluations within the clinic, rather than the garage by the ER area. Testing for the novel coronavirus was also recently opened up a bit to now test for ill people with certain pre-conditions or over the age of 65, as well as ill people who provide child care.


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