Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

While the financial numbers look pretty stable for the City of Morris, the budget numbers for the state are looking bleak. Morris City Manager Blaine Hill told the KMRS Community Connection that he received a March/April publication of the League of Minnesota Cities, obviously written before March, which did not make a single mention of COVID-19. The economic landscape has shifted quickly, Hill noted.

“The state budget forecast was $1.5 billion (surplus). So, going into next year’s budget everything looked rosy,” said Hill. “And going into next year’s budget only a short period later, everything looks terrible, because the budget surplus is gone and the prospect for them spending rainy day funds that they have is very big. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next year. But for us as a city going into next year, we’re in very good shape.”

The Council passed a resolution on Tuesday accepting and approving the 2019  annual financial statements for the City of Morris. The City received a clean audit from its auditing firm Eide-Bailly.


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