Spring is here and Matt Solemsaas of Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District reminded KMRS Community Connection listeners to be on the lookout for the return of noxious weeds like Canada Thistle.

“If you have a weed problem, or you know of a weed problem in an area, generally what I tell those folks to do, it should be a township level first,” said Solemsaas. “So, if you have somebody that you know has a weed problem in your township, try and just let them know, work it out, that they need to take care of it. And if you can’t get a resolution that way, then go ahead and give me a call and I’ll work with those folks and get something done to get the problem fixed.”

You can also call the SWCD if you have a problem handling your own weeds. Solemsaas said the SWCD handles weed situations in town as well as the rural areas of the county.


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