Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

While a decision is expected this week from Governor Walz’s administration about the future of the school year, Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson told the KMRS Community Connection that there have been discussions about how to celebrate the milestone of this year’s high school graduation. He offered some ideas that have been discussed for a commencement that would observe social distance rules.

“Some possibilities could include like a drive-up ceremony, like many churches are now having,” said Ferguson. “Where the student could be in the cars with their parents and we could have students give speeches and drive up and get their diploma and then maybe do some kind of a parade around town where people could show their support and cheer for our graduates. We would look at a virtual ceremony where we could tape all the students individually and then stream the event.”

Other ideas include yard signs in support of seniors and banners being hung downtown. Suggestions are still being offered. Ferguson said they will wait to see what they are actually able to do, then contact seniors to find their preferences.


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