Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Governor Walz made it official yesterday: Distance Learning will be going on for the rest of this academic year. Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson told the KMRS Community Connection that missing out on those face to face connections will be tough for all involved.

“Students want to see their teachers. They want to see their friends,” said Ferguson. “And I will tell you, because I talk to the teachers, they miss their kids, too. That’s a huge part of every kid’s day. And so those social interactions can’t be undervalued. They’re absolutely vital. And we’re seeing how much they’re missed right now.”

Ferguson said the school building is a much happier place when there are kids in it.

Meanwhile, work has been proceeding on putting finishing touches on new flooring in the high school and the bus garage, which received a Certificate of Occupancy this week. And the school is also still providing meals for those 18 and under.


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