Bridgett Karels is a Crime Victim Advocate for Someplace Safe. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

While numbers of domestic violence and sexual assault cases is rising, Someplace Safe Crime Victim Advocate Bridgett Karels told the KMRS Community Connection that it’s hard to nail down the reason why.

“We’re also seeing just a difference between our offices within our organization — we cover nine counties — and we’re seeing less in some counties, more in others,” cautioned Karels. “It’s really just sort of all over the place for a lot of our offices and other organizations like ours.”

Karels said people having to live in a stay-at-home order with an abuser could be part of the reason, or it could be a springtime spike. Since it’s been such a short time span since the stay-at-home order was given, Karels said any preliminary data on the topic is not reliable. Someplace Safe will be participating in Denim Day on Wednesday, April 29 and Karels encouraged people to wear denim on that day to show support for victims of sexual violence. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


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