Bill Kleindl (l), Troy Engebretson (c) and County Commissioner Ron Staples (r) spoke at the recent summit on waste management coordinated by the West Central Minnesota Climate Network. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Stevens County Board of Commissioners, Environmental Services Director Bill Kleindl detailed how it was that Grant County came to seek help from Stevens County to salvage its recycling program. Kleindl said Grant County had a drop off recycling program, not a curbside pickup, with an outfit in Otter Tail County that recently told Grant they could no longer take their recycled product.

“The DAC has been running the recycling program in Grant County for the most part,” said Kleindl. “But with the COVID situation, it effected their operations as far as people (who)…would have come to work and work in those types of environments. So apparently, Grant County elected to pull the trailers from those locations, leaving no recycling opportunity for their county. That was somewhat met with some resistance from the public.”

After Pope Douglas Solid Waste Management declined to take the material, an agreement was finally reached with Stevens County to serve as a transfer station. Utilizing Engebretson & Sons Disposal, the material will be weighed, separated and hauled to McLeod County, which collects a dumping fee. The contract signed with Grant County is for two years with an option to extend it, and will have Grant paying $1,000 a month to Stevens.


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