Bridgett Karels is a Crime Victim Advocate for Someplace Safe. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Stay at home orders and social isolation are difficult for all of us, but Someplace Safe Crime Victim Advocate Bridgett Karels told the KMRS Community Connection that it is particularly hard for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

“It is so difficult for everyone right now dealing with this social isolation with the quarantine,” said Karels. “But while you’re experiencing violence, it gets even more complex and complicated, and I can’t imagine not being able to connect with someone in that way. Even sitting down with someone at a table and being there in person is so meaningful. And we’re not…we’re not able to do that at this point.”

Karels said that Someplace Safe served 150 clients in Stevens County in 2019, and 14 of those were for sexual assault or exploitation. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


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