State Sen. Torrey Westrom. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

How to safely run elections during a pandemic has been a topic at the State Legislature this past week. State Senator Torrey Westrom of Elbow Lake told the KMRS Legislator’s Corner that we don’t know what the status of the virus will be in August when primary elections are held, but there has been much discussion about mail-in ballots.

“Townships in our area — many of them have gone to mail-in voting in getting rid of their poll sites in the townships,” said Westrom. “Albeit I continue to hear and probably hear more and more of people who aren’t overly happy with mail-in ballots. It kind of takes a lot of tradition and aspects of Election Day that people really used to enjoy, it kind of takes the luster out of it. And so I’m hearing from more and more people that aren’t necessarily wanting to go to all mail-in ballots, especially in townships.”

Westrom said his Republican colleagues remain concerned about voter fraud and election security with an all mail-in ballot system. He suggested the idea of opening polls one or two days earlier than usual in an effort to spread out the crowds. More discussion on the issue will be held in the coming days at the legislature.


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