Matt Solemsaas of the Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District is also Morris Fire Chief. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

May 1st is Tree Handout Day at Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District for those who have ordered trees, and District Administrator Matt Solemsaas told the KMRS Community Connection that things should operate out of their Morris office this year almost like normal.

“In the past we generally have everybody’s trees bagged up and labeled, so we’re going to go with that,” said Solemsaas. “If you can come on the 1st, basically what we’ll have people do is just show up. Stay in your car, and we can get your trees to you. We can put them in your trunk, put them in the back of your truck, whatever.”

An invoice will be sent out for those who haven’t yet paid for their trees. Solemsaas said it should be “business as usual,” with a few pandemic measures in effect. SWCD can be contacted by phone or email. They still will come out to properties for planning or planting, but Solemsaas said social distancing practices are in place.


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