UW-Stout Junior Ira Hoffman doing distance learning from his Morris bedroom. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

What’s Morris Area High School 8th Grader Isaac Hoffman’s reaction to Governor Walz extending distance learning until the end of the academic year?

“Meh. Just more of the same,” he said. “I’m not really excited for it. But, it’s OK.”

Hoffman spoke on a special Stay-at-Home edition of the KMRS Community Connection. His older brother Ira is doing his distance learning for his Wisconsin university from his Morris home and said he misses the social interactions with his college friends.

“I was so bored of doing nothing, that I decided to turn to homework for some entertainment,” he admitted. “So, that’s where I’m at.”

Ira said as a computer science major, he has it easier than some of his peers who rely on equipment and amenities that can only be found on a college campus.


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