Dona Greiner is the Emergency Mnagement Director for Stevens and Big Stone Counties. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At their weekly emergency management update on Tuesday morning, Stevens County Emergency Management Director Dona Greiner told the County Board of Commissioners that they are short of PPEs, Personal Protective Equipment. Commissioner Bob Kopitzke was prompted to then ask Greiner what would happen if the county were to get five cases of coronavirus, since there’s not enough equipment now.

“The State will then work to get those supplies to that affected area as quickly as they can,” Greiner responded. “They’re monitoring the amount of PPEs (and) the patients daily. So there are two reports the hospitals, health care providers provide to the State daily. So they have a system that’s called MN Track and they’re tracking that information in that system.”

Greiner said usage data in comparison to last year is being tracked on a daily basis and that a shipment of supplies will be coming into the state. She did not have an exact date for that expected shipment.


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