Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Morris City Council approved a resolution that authorized advertising for bids for Phase 1 of the Airport Runway Extension Project at their meeting on Tuesday night. It was noted that advertising for bids does not mean the Council will accept the bids. City Manager Blaine Hill said these bids are often contingent on the federal government giving a grant to pay for a large part of it, and he noted the pandemic has created a silver lining in regards to the Morris Airport project.

“When they did the CARES legislation at the federal government level, they put a HUGE chunk of money into airports and they automatically upgraded this grant round for 2020 to 100 percent federal, instead of 95 (federal) and 5 (local) is the way it was going,” said Hill. “So, this would be 100 percent paid for by the federal government.”

For future phases of the project, Superior Industries had been committed to fully pay the local share and Hill said that despite the terrible turn of the economy in recent weeks, Superior is still committed to the project.


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