With stay-at-home orders in effect and people driving much less than usual, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is able to push up a number of scheduled construction projects. One of those is a $7.6 million Complete Streets project in Starbuck that was supposed to begin May 18, but will now be getting underway today.

“So, Lefse Dagen, usually in May, was cancelled,” Olson noted. “And so we were able to move that start date up a little bit — all to take advantage of the lower traffic volumes that are happening on the roads right now.”

Emma Olson of the MnDOT Detroit Lakes office. The Starbuck project includes resurfacing and reconstruction of Highways 28, 29 and 114, city utility replacements, sidewalk improvements and pedestrian accessibility upgrades. It will be done in three stages with an end date in October. There will be changing detours on local roads. The first stage of construction will focus on Highway 29 south from the main intersection of Highway 28, 29 and 114 to West First Street. The detour will be Wollan Street and West First Street and is expected to last until end of June.


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