Dave Hughes provided the media with a screenshot from his phone showing that Michelle Fischbach's (now former) campaign manager, Sam Winter, harassed his family with calls during the midnight hour.

U.S. Congressional candidate Major Dave Hughes was granted a harassment restraining order on May 1 against Michelle Fischbach’s campaign manager, Samuel Winter. Between April 4-27, Winter called phone numbers belonging to the Hughes family and congressional campaign. The calls from Winter numbered over 300, including roughly 60 calls on one single day of April 11. The Hughes campaign charged that many of these calls were coordinated attacks during Hughes’ virtual speeches during county political conventions. Furthermore, Hughes said several dozen calls happened between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. Winter has also been cited for criminal harassment against Hughes and his family by the Kittson County Sheriff’s Department.

In a statement, Hughes said he was “thankful to the Kittson County Sheriff’s office for their thorough investigation to subpoena phone records and verify all the phone calls came from Sam Winter’s phone number – the same number used on Michelle Fischbach’s campaign website. I hope this restraining order will be the end to this harassment.” Hughes called on Fischbach to remove Winter from her campaign.


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