It’s awards season at the University of Minnesota Morris, and a flurry of honors have recently been handed out.

U of M Morris Associate Professor of Chemistry Jennifer Goodnough has earned the Outstanding Service to University Senate Governance Recognition. The award recognizes commitment to University shared governance. Goodnough has been in shared governance at the campus level for 15 years and systemwide for 10. On the Morris campus, she also has chaired the Scholastic Committee and will chair the Steering Committee next year.

Jonathan Campbell, Assistant Professor and Director of Jazz Studies, earned the University of Minnesota President’s Award for Outstanding Service. Campbell was cited for his efforts to create a Jazz Studies minor, his relationship with area high schools, prospective students and alumni; his technical upgrades to campus facilities; his ambitious performance portfolio; and his efforts to integrate jazz into the Morris community.

University of Minnesota Morris Assistant Professor of Biology and immunologist Rachel Johnson has earned the 2020 U of M Morris Alumni Association Teaching Award. Nominators wrote that “it is hard to overestimate the impact Dr. Johnson’s course development on vaccines, epidemics and now pandemics has had.”

Associate Professor of Art History Julia Dabbs has earned the Horace T. Morse – U of M Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education. The award honors excellence in undergraduate education across the University of Minnesota.


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